Roof Analysis

Roof Inspections and Roof Evaluations

When is it time to replace a roof or will repairs extend the remaining life expectancy of a roofing system?

We perform a detailed analysis of the present condition, leaks, etc to determine if the roof(s) has reached the end of its useful life. We base this upon analyzing the present condition, type of roof , opinion of the original installation and an estimate of future life.

If repairs would be sufficient then the amount of repairs are discussed in the written report.

If replacement is recommended we will review your cost estimates that have been supplied by your licensed roofer bids.

We check the contractor for licensing, complaints, ability to perform said work and compare all bids making comments on how the bids differ.

For Instance: On a recent evaluation of roof replacement bids on a Brickell High Rise we noted that the four roofing firm that bid the job had different prices but also had different “hidden charges”. There was a small, hidden sentence that stated “Building owner will be responsible for providing a dumpster and dumpster charges.” This expense would have been approximately $30,000 in additional, “add-on later” charges that would have been a hidden profit center for the contractor (if selected for the job).

We evaluate all of these factors and combine them with the other research we made for each contractor so you, the building board can make an informed selection for the job.

After viewing the property we will provide you with a proposal for performing this analysis along with the cost to inspect the work-in-progress and final inspection prior to you making final payment to the contractor.

We have over 40 years experience in Building Inspection & Construction

Andrew Allocco, P.E. 

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