Highrise Buildings

For more than 35 years, Andrew Allocco, P.E. has performed inspections and provided consulting for highrise properties in South Florida.  evaluations and consulting for high worth properties regarding all aspects of the structures and systems. Florida property owners, associations, REITs, religious facilities, schools, country clubs, timeshares, and HOA’s have relied on Andrew Allocco’s expertise to inform and guide them through areas of present day defects, insurance claims and normal maintenance and repairs.

Andrew Allocco, P.E.’s strong engineering, inspection and construction background provides a unique advantage and offers full service to South Florida clientele. Florida has some of the harshest environments anywhere in the United States. High heat, humidity, corrosive elements and the infamous hurricane and rainy season all take their toll on Florida’s structures. Add the salt air environment of being located on the ocean or waterway and this is a recipe for concrete spalling issues on many highrise buildings in Miami.

Andrew Allocco, P.E. understands that the Florida Statutes have mandated a high responsibility to establish and maintain reserve funds for condominium Associations and HOAs. Additionally, in the current economic climate, buyers and lenders evaluate a prospective property on the solvency and readiness of the association reserves. An association’s reserves directly affect the value of individual residences or units. Due to the increased liability and accountability, it becomes imperative that board members, managers and associations rely on professionals to prepare the relevant and sensitive information.

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