Insurance Engineer

When Is It Necessary To Hire An Engineer

When you or your adjuster get turned down on a claim settlement.  It is a known fact that insurance companies hire outside engineering firms and utilize their own employee engineers to turn down claims.  Their engineering firms, which I will call engineers that are “bought and paid for” by the insurance company derive the majority of their income from providing reports that assist insurance companies in denying legitimate insurance claims.

After Hurricane Katrina State Farm Insurance was caught and made to pay, including fines, for many claims that were originally denied by unscrupulous engineering firms that produced reports stating what the insurance company wanted to hear.

So, now it is necessary to have an engineer hired by you provide a report that most likely is the opposite than that of the insurance company’s.

In reality all engineers take an oath to perform their services to protect life and act independently.  Ha Ha this is like asking a politician to hold your wallet.

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