Expert Witness

Expert Witness is an individual who usually provides informative testimony in court trials dealing with litigation. Expert witnesses are often retained by both sides of a lawsuit. Each Expert Witness attempts to tell the judge or jury his or her opinion of what happened as the result of some misdeed or malpractice.

Andrew Allocco, P.E. has been an Expert Witness in many court and arbitration cases since the early 1970′s.  He has extensive knowledge of the court litigation process and has assisted law firms in providing facts and questions to be used during depositions and discovery motions.

If you believe that you have been damaged either directly or indirectly by a firm or individual concerning new construction, repairs, additions, remodeling or other improvements to real estate; you should contact this office or have your attorney contact us.

We work with your attorney by supplying an inspection report on the status of the property and will testify in court or arbitration/mediation hearings on your behalf.

Andrew Allocco, P.E. is a multi-licensed construction expert with vast experience in all fields of the construction industry.

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