Talking House Inventor

In the mid 80’s Andrew Allocco, P.E. was one of the first innovators who created the Smart House concept. As a forward thinking individual he utilized his knowledge gained from automation used in nuclear power plants and advanced marine shipboard remote controls to begin the automation of a house.

He adapted his residence located in Miami, Florida to be one of the first “voice actuated” residences n the world.  Voice actuated means that many of the house environmental conditions were controlled by voice like that seen in scientific fiction movies like Star Trek.

There were a number of articles written about the project in Popular Science Magazine, The Miami Herald Newspaper, The Palm Beach Post Newspaper and others.

In addition one of the local Miami news stations did a short video at the home.

If you are interested in reading the articles and viewing the video – look below:

Video Clip of the Computerized House in Miami Florida circa 1985 – Here

Miami Herald Article

Download (PDF, 1.25MB)

Popular Science Magazine

Download (PDF, 4.36MB)

The Palm Beach Post Newspaper

Download (PDF, 968KB)

Computer Disability News

Download (PDF, 911KB)

Links Computerized Houses

Download (PDF, 1.08MB)

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